Inyo Portal "Welcome to the valley of vision... Where your soul is set free."



Inyo Portal is a tour & guide company based out of Independence, California providing a safe, personal & authentic discovery of the rich diversity that is the Inyo/Mono region of the Eastern Sierra through Land access in cooperation with US Forest Service & Bureau of Land Management Assisting outdoor scientific research efforts Scouting locations for commercial interests.

Independence, CA  (760) 878-2211

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           INYO PORTAL

Go ahead, step out of the vehicle

Onto the contour of  reality -

Walk among the sagebrush,

Inhale the Juniper,

Stand still - listen...

It's the echo of excellence;

Creation magnified in your soul.

You may call it peace, serenity,

Meditative, even joyful.

The Paiutes called it Inyo

And weaved it into their lives © 2013

                                                Inyo Portal, LLC. Dennis Vance

P.O. Box 31, Independence, CA 93526

 760.878.2211  or Toll Free 855.413.2211


Inyo National Forest Special Use Permit &

Bureau of Land Management Special Recreation Permit are pending.


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